Lamella Clarifier

Covalence EnviroTech Lamella Clarifier is a compact, inclined plate type clarifier used for clarification of water & waste water having higher suspended and colloidal particles. The principle is based on settlement of colloidal particles by providing a series of inclined plates, which are arranged to form a separate sedimentation chamber between adjacent plates.

The flocculated water enters the Lamella near the bottom section of the plates and flows upward between them. As the water moves upwards, solids settle downward by the plates onto the surface area provided by the plates. Solids continue to slide down the plate surfaces to the collection hopper.

The Lamella Clarifier provides a means of water clarification at a large saving of surface area. (Up to 90 %)

Application Areas

  • Water Clarification
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Ash/ scrubber waste Treatment.
  • Brine Clarification.
  • Filter Backwash water recovery.
  • Iron Removal.
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